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  • Exclusively designed by Metaform AVEE, this is an innovation in professional shading, as the pioneering lift system allows you to install the product on any…
  • Top Star är en Pergola med hopfällbart PVC-tak. Den passar bra till platser där man behöver ta hänsyn till befintliga konstruktioner då man kan bestämma…
  • A vertical aluminium system of pioneering design, using gelatine-canvas or another material to protect from all weather conditions. Designed in order to provide easy adaptation,…
  • Star Vertical Casket är en Lösning som skyddar mot vind. Det är en "markis-lösning som går vertikalt och har en genomskinlig plastduk istället för traditionellt…
  • Star Casket har ett aluminiumskydd vid väggen som skyddar markisen i ett inkört läge. Detta skydd förlänger markisens livslängd avsevärt. Markisen kan täcka ett område…
  • External shading system that protects the material and mechanical parts of the construction from weather conditions, extending its lifespan. Top aesthetics using a 'Ruffles'-type profile…
  • Exclusively designed by Metaform AVEE, this is the ideal solution for the overage of professional spaces covering a large area and featuring unique elements. Retractable,…
  • Med en fantastisk design så detta en idealisk lösning när man vill täcka en stor yta. Utskjutbar, 100% pulverlackerad aluminium med en motor som är…

Products of high quality
and aesthetics

With 25 years of success in the sector
of awnings, we provide reliable
solutions for any business endeavour.

Our products, certified under ISO 9001:2008
& CE, are ideal solutions for thecoverage of
professional spaces of a large area, as well
as spaces with unique features.

We speak the same language.

Simple, easy-to-understand, step-by-step instructions
for the installation of our products accompany you in numerous ways.

Printed manuals, DVD with demo videos,
visits by company staff to your workplace, as
well as online instructions.

Customer Support
Call or mail.

If this does not suffice,
call us for direct support.
You can contact us by phone or by entering your
data and message in the following contact form
and we will contact you.

+46  73 366 48 66

Quality Guarantee

We believe in a comprehensive
quality framework that is based both on our
corporate characteristics, i.e. the applied
practices and models for the development,
production and sale of our products and services,
as well as on continuously pursuing a high level
of professional relationships with absolutely
all our associates.

Formidable Characteristics

Our products incorporate unique design and
production elements, as well as specific
properties of select materials, so as to
always provide you with reliability,
functionality and aesthetics.

Innovative Coverage Systems

Utilising our long experience and investing
in specialised research & development, our
company is in a position to find innovative
solutions and incorporate technology
applications in an effective manner.


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586 66 Linköping

Tel: 073 366 48 66