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Awnings are one of the key means for shading
private or professional spaces and Metaform
provides the ideal solution, recommending the
Monoblock system, which is suitable for easy
installation in hard structural conditions.

With innovative design and top quality materials,
MONOBLOCK combines looks, durability
and ease of use.



The ideal solution for the shading private and professional
spaces, with easy assembly and installation. The Monoblock
system is available in two types, depending on the arm type:
Monoblock Star with an overhang from 150cm to 350cm.
Monoblack Cronos with an overhand from 150cm to 250cm.
Available full assembled or in individual parts.


  1. 1. material Coverage
  2. 2. Aluminium Counterweightmonoblock
    Range of 3 types of counterweight,
    depending on the dimensions and type of the bar.
  3. 3. Arm
    Range of two choices: Cronos and Star
  4. 4. Bar Arm Base
  5. 5. Bar Arm Base
  6. 6. Bar Axle
  7. 7. Bar Base