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A folding, retractable roof pergola, exclusively
designed by Metaform AVEE. Sturdy construction
made of an aluminium alloy of top quality and
aesthetics, using 25×3 aluminium panels, with
insulation capabilities.

The controlled motion of the blinds provides
ventilation to the space along with shading,
protection from inclement weather and snowfall!



Top characteristics and high quality, with controlled
coverage for all seasons. Folding & retractable roof,
aluminium blinds with adjustable motion & tilt, for
controlled shading and ventilation. Quality construction
for sturdiness, functionality, top aesthetics and safety.
All-weather protection, with reinforced resistance
to Sun, Rain, Wind & Snow!


  1. 1. Track Aluminum 180X100 and 160X85
    White RAL 9016, or ecru RAL 1013persa_features
  2. 2. Aluminum Shaft Ø75
    White RAL 9016, or ecru RAL 1013
  3. 3. Cover Material made of
    250×30 Aluminium Panels
    White RAL 9016, or ecru RAL 1013
  4. 4. Pergola base for wall





Motion transmission

Using electric motors of the somfy hellas firm. Possibility of
installation of two electric motors when the pergola exceeds
an area of 60 m2. The electric motors are installed within the pergola axle.